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Join the mailing list (click here) to get these sent directly to your inbox.

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How to cool a beer in under 6 minutes, our experiment. Also information on how to select a rotating laser level.

December 2014
What force is required to break certain objects, the experiment? And the Christmas gift guide.

November 2014
Can using a thermometer improve the way your steak turns out Plus using force gauges for manual handling?

October 2014
Comparing Battery Brands Experiment Plus Why is Calibration Important?

September 2014
What is Dissolved Oxygen and do the levels vary significantly around the state?

August 2014
The Pros & Cons of Different Rain Gauges. And does the Star rating really indicate how much fat your mince contains?

July 2014
The most effective methods for undertaking soil pH measurements?

June 2014
Can you measure the conductivity of water using a lux (light) meter?

May 2014
Is Coleslaw just as good as a pH meter? Plus the reasons you should use a pinless moisture meter

April 2014
The difference between Accuracy, Precision and Resolution PLUS our experiment into the best coffee cups for keeping your coffee hot!

March 2014
What is the best way to heat left overs in the microwave experiment. Plus the new Vantage Connect Weather Station!

February 2014
Experiment tests how hot your car gets on a hot summer day? Why are there different types of thermometers and what are they for? 

January 2014
How do you convince your boss that the air conditioner doesn’t work?

December 2013
How dangerous is ultraviolet light? We did the experiment.

November 2013
How many lemons does it take to power a thermometer? We did the experiment. 

October 2013
How to build a solar cooker at home, ditch the stove (if you can wait). 

September 2013
Save Tweety! Use a gas detector instead of a canary. 

August 2013 
Our undercover secret mission....GPS logging of parcels + other exciting news. 

July 2013
Experimenting with Refractometers and Honey.  

June 2013
pH Food Fight Experiment, Aquashock (no it's not a new super hero) and choosing the best electrode. Read Here... pH Food Fight Experiment, Aquashock (no it's not a new super hero) and choosing the best electrode. 

May 2013

April 2013
Laser Distance Meters and Laser vs Tape Measure Experiment - The Showdown

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Top 7 Questions about pH Meters along with pH meter applications for the farm. Read Here (pdf download)

September 2011