May Newsletter - We are short-listed for the Telstra Business Awards! Also, who are Star-Oddi?

May Newsletter - We are short-listed for the Telstra Business Awards! Also, who are Star-Oddi?

Instrument Choice has been shortlisted for the Telstra Business Awards, we are 1 of 6 in our category in SA!  We are very excited and proud of our team for all the hard work they have put in to get us to this point,  we are also very thankful for all of our amazing customers.   While we wait to see if we have become finalists (and maybe win) in the awards you can vote for us in the People’s Choice category Here.  If you have enjoyed working with us then please vote.

Remember; if you have any questions regarding tests you need to conduct or specific instrumentation please give us a call.  

Until next month...
Tyson Grubb

Did You know Instrument Choice is the Australian Distributor for Star Oddi Products?
Star-Oddi is a world leading manufacturer in high quality and innovative scientific research tools, mainly data loggers for ecosystem and animal studies. 

The company was founded in Iceland in 1985 and has a long tradition of research and development, I doubt there is an aquatic or animal research project they haven't come across before.  The Star Oddi Loggers continue to be made in Iceland today, at their main manufacturing plant, this ensures consistency and quality of their product.T

The Star Oddi products include submersible and implantable temperature loggers, sensors such as depth (pressure), salinity (conductivity), tilt angle, light, humidity, acoustic and magnetic field strength.  They are specialists in micro logging systems, know as Data Storage Tags (DST)  which were originally designed as a small fish archival tag, for collecting information on behaviour of commercial and valuable species. The DST is now used in a wide range of animals for different research purposes as well as being used as a stand alone logger collecting environmental data. 

Instrument Choice is proud to be the Australian supplier of these versatile little loggers,  we have been working closely with Star-Oddi for 3 years now and would like to think we know their product range even better than they do!  If you have any question about Star-Oddi or their products please don’t hesitate to give me a call. 

Product Applications

Aquatic and Fisheries
Star-Oddi works closely with scientists and marine research institutes worldwide contributing to increased knowledge of marine life and sustainable fishery resource management. 

The aquatic application fields are almost endless and include everything from Oceanography and Marine Biology to Coral reef studies.  The Star Oddi Products have been used to tag animals such as Fish, Marine Mammals, Birds, Reptiles and Crustaceans. 

Food and Beverage Research
The DST data loggers are being used by several beverage and food manufacturers and their subcontractors around the world in quality, process control and packaging. The DST milli-PU unit is a small pasteurisation data logger that measures temperature and pressure (optional) and calculates the amount of pasteurisation units (PU) and CO2 in liquid.  the advantages of the DST milli-PU unit are its small size, precision, stable calibration, it is ideal for Tunnel pasteurisation and it is affordable.

Biomedical Research
Star-Oddi temperature probes are a great asset to researchers in various stages of drug development because of their small size, high accuracy and biocompatibility. The DST housing is made of alumina, a biocompatible ceramic material that is not recognized as a foreign body by the receiving organism when implanted. All Star-Oddi probes are delivered with an individual calibration certificate, verifying temperature accuracy in each temperature calibration point.

If you have any question about Star-Oddi or their products please don’t hesitate to give me a call.