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  • Bloomsky Skypro Kit - IC-SKYPRO

    Product Code: IC-SKYPRO Kit

    The SkyPro Kit is a weather camera station that includes a HD camera, solar panel, a wireless weather sensor for temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, precipitation and another sensor for rain fall, wind speed and wind direction.

    $599.00 AUD + GST
    $658.90 AUD Inc. GST
    10 in stock
  • Vantage Pro 2 Weather Station With Weatherlink-Ip

    Product Code: IC6152AU-IP

    Davis Wireless Vantage Pro2 weather station with weatherlink IP for internet upload.

    - Includes Weatherlink-IP software & Dongle
    - Automatically upload data to the internet
    - Temp, Barometric, Dew Point, Heat Index, RH, Rainfall/Rate, Wind Speed/Direction

    $1315.00 AUD + GST
    $1446.50 AUD Inc. GST
    1 in stock
  • Wi-Fi Wireless Station with 7" LCD Display - IC0422

    Product Code: IC0422

    A professional grade weather station completed with Wi-Fi access with the ability to upload directly to Weather Underground, the most popular crowd-source powered website for enthusiasts in the world. Once this weather station is registered with Wunderground, you will be able to monitor its readings from anywhere using the freely available mobile apps.

    $454.00 AUD + GST
    $499.40 AUD Inc. GST
    2 in stock
  • Anywhere Weather Station With 1 Sensors (Temp/RH)

    Product Code: IC-LW302

    The LW302 Anywhere Weather Station allows you to collect temperature and humidity weather data from your choice of locations, and view the microclimate(s) in real time from anywhere via the Internet-connected smart phones, laptops or other mobile devices.

    $179.00 AUD + GST
    $196.90 AUD Inc. GST
    1 in stock
  • Vantage Vue Internet Weather Station - IC6250AU-IP

    Product Code: IC6250AU-IP

    The Davis Vantage Vue Wireless weather station is a durable, accurate and compact option for weather enthusiasts. It measures and tracks 10 different weather variables at the same time. This package comes with the Weatherlink-IP software and Dongle.

    $1025.00 AUD + GST
    $1127.50 AUD Inc. GST
    1 in stock
  • NETATMO Urban Weather Station - IC-NWS01-P

    Product Code: IC-NWS01-P

    Durable and high-quality home weather station with indoor and out door modules and compatible with Android and Apple devices for real time data downloading and monitoring.

    $272.72 AUD + GST
    $299.99 AUD Inc. GST
    1 in stock
  • IC-NWS01-FWS - Netatmo Weather Station kit

    Product Code: IC-NWS01-FWS

    The Netatmo Weather Station kit is composed of the Netatmo Urban weather station, the Netatmo wind gauge and the Netatmo Rain gauge. These products are compatible with your android and apple devices for real time data measurements and monitoring.

    $589.00 AUD + GST
    $647.90 AUD Inc. GST
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  • Professional Weather Station with Wi-Fi Module

    Product Code: IC-330-2315

    La Crosse Technology's newest Professional Weather Station allows you to monitor your home and backyard weather conditions using one vibrant, easy-to-read LCD display. New to this model, is the enhanced Wi-Fi connectable option that enables your station to transmit its data wirelessly to the world's largest personal weather station network, Weather Underground.

    $271.36 AUD + GST
    $298.50 AUD Inc. GST
    6 in stock