Using the Pulse Scaling Assistant in HOBOware!

Using the Pulse Scaling Assistant in HOBOware!

Onset Computer Corporation, who make the HOBO range of dataloggers, have recently changed their HOBOware-lite software from a paid option to a free option and rebadged it as HOBOWare. They have also enabled some of the professional features including a pulse scaling assistant to allow you to use the free software with their range of pulse loggers. In this month’s article we will go through the Pulse Scaling Assistant showing you how to get the most out of your data logger.

The most common applications for using a pulse logger are for measuring the output from a water flow meter and contact closures in tipping bucket rain gauges. For these applications, the pulse scaling assistant is useful in allowing you to convert the pulses into something more tangible like litres of water or mm of rainfall.
Below we will go through setup of a UX90-001 to show you how to set it up for a water meter. To start with connect the logger and choose “launch device” and you will be presented with the following screen. We have entered “Flow” as the type of reading and chosen to show the unit as “L”. 

Scaling 1
Figure 1: Setting up the UX90-001 for flow measurement

To manage the scaling, click on the “Scaling” button and you will be shown the following screen:
Scaling 2
Figure 2: Managing the scaling assistant

We want to create a new unit so we will choose “Create”. In the below example we have said that each pulse = 5L of flow. You can give your series a title at the same time. 
Scaling 3
Figure 3: Creating your scaled unit

After saving these details, start the logger. The unit will then record each pulse and display the readings as per the scaled unit.

Scaled Logger
Figure 4: UX90-001 now displaying its scaled units

Once you have finished recording, you can connect the unit back to a computer to download your results:
Downloading scaled results
Figure 5: Downloading your scaled results

Once you plot the data you will be able to see how the flow (or whatever you were measuring) has changed over time. There are also options to filter the data to show daily totals etc. 
Scaled Results
Figure 6: Scaled results over time

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