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August 2017
  How do you measure - Introducing the D110 Multi Tank Level Monitor!
Article - How do ultrasonic tank level sensors work?

July 2017
  How to choose a water depth logger? Our scientists show you how!
Article - Understanding different temperature sensors!

May 2017
  How do you measure - How do you measure grape sugar content? Our scientists show you how!
Article - Comparing different dissolved oxygen sensor technology.

April 2017
  How do you measure - How do you measure LEQ with a sound level meter? Our scientists show you how!
Article - Choosing a humidity data logger

March 2017
  How do you measure? - How do you profile oven temperature? Our scientists show you how to fix it!
Article - Choosing a thermometer for food safety applications.

February 2017
  How do you measure - Weird readings on your IR Thermometer? Our scientists show you how to fix it!
Article - DO, pH and the Perfect Pour!

January 2017
  How do you measure - How do you measure TWL (Thermal Work Limit)? Our scientists show you how!
Article - Where to mount your weather station!

December 2016
  How do you measure - How do you setup the WS1151 Weather Station? Our scientists show you how!
Article - Introducing the HOBO MX2300 Series!

November 2016
  How do you measure - How do you measure turbidity? Our scientists show you how!
Article - Introducing DJI Drones to Instrument Choice!

October 2016
  How do you measure - How do you calibrate a pH meter? Our scientists show you how!
Article - Why calibrate your pH meter and how!

September 2016
  How do you measure - How do you measure humidity? Our scientists show you how!
Article - Five things to consider when choosing a data logger?

August 2016
  How do you measure - How do you measure wind speed using an anemometer? Our scientists show you how!
Article - How do various types of anemometers work?
July 2016
  How do you measure - How do you measure temperature in the kitchen using an IR thermometer? Our scientists show you how!
Article - What is emissivity and why is it important?
June 2016
  End of financial year clearance newsletter

May 2016
  How do you measure - How do you create a moisture map using the MEP? Our scientists show you how!
Article - Soil moisture sensors and how they work!
April 2016
  Article - Choosing the best moisture meter for building applications?

March 2016
  Article - Infrared Thermometers - What factors must you consider?

February 2016
  How do you measure - How do you measure the pH of soil?

January 2016
  How do you measure - How do you measure Volumetric flow of a duct? Our scientists show you how!
Article - How waterproof is waterproof and what does the IP rating mean?


December 2015
  Experiment - What level of g-force is a parcel exposed to when it is sent across the country?
Article - Using the Pulse Scaling Assistant in HOBOware


November 2015
  Experiment - What dB level can you be exposed to in a Nightclub and how dangerous is it for your hearing?
Article - Dosimeters in the workplace and which one do we recommend?


October 2015
  Experiment - Can we convert a $100 drone quadcopter into a river sampling drone?
Article - How to measure the pH of food items using the Horiba PH22 pH Meter


September 2015
  Experiment - Cool tests to do with a thermal imaging camera!
Article - How can I get my Davis data onto a 3rd party network?


August 2015
  Experiment - How can the pH of your soap affect your skin?
Article - Which style of anemometer is right for your application?


July 2015
  Experiment - Do different areas of the fridge actually differ in the temperature and humidity conditions they provide?
Article - Styles of wireless loggers and where they are used!


June 2015
  Experiment - Which weather station will transmit the furthest?
Article - Benchtop vs Handheld vs Pen Tester; which will suit you best and why?


May 2015
  Experiment - How do you self check a thermometer to ensure it is performing within specification?
Article - Why does my equipment not transmit as far as it states it will on the specifications?


April 2015
  Experiment - How do you keep your Chlorine levels higher on a sunny day?
Article - What do you need to know when you are looking at a microscope?


March 2015
  Experiment - Can you cook a batch of cookies on your dashboard? We have done the experiment.?
Article - Traffic noise: The considerations you need to take and the measurements that need to be made!


February 2015
  Experiment - Does the position of the sun change how warm a room gets?
Article - Choosing a Shore Durometer


January 2015
  How to cool a beer in under 6 minutes, our experiment. Also information on how to select a rotating laser level. Read Here...


December 2014
  What force is required to break certain objects, the experiment? And the Christmas gift guide. Read Here...


November 2014
  Can using a thermometer improve the way your steak turns out Plus using force gauges for manual handling? Read Here...


October 2014
  Comparing Battery Brands Experiment Plus Why is Calibration Important? Read Here...


September 2014
  What is Dissolved Oxygen and do the levels vary significantly around the state? Read Here...


August 2014
  The Pros & Cons of Different Rain Gauges. And does the Star rating really indicate how much fat your mince contains? Read Here...


July 2014
  The most effective methods for undertaking soil pH measurements? Read Here...


June 2014
  Can you measure the conductivity of water using a lux (light) meter? Read Here...


May 2014
  Is Coleslaw just as good as a pH meter? Plus the reasons you should use a pinless moisture meter. Read Here....


April 2014
  The difference between Accuracy, Precision and Resolution PLUS our experiment into the best coffee cups for keeping your coffee hot! Read Here...


March 2014
  What is the best way to heat left overs in the microwave experiment. Plus the new Vantage Connect Weather Station! Read Here...


February 2014
  Experiment tests how hot your car gets on a hot summer day? Why are there different types of thermometers and what are they for? Read Here....


January 2014
  How do you convince your boss that the air conditioner doesn’t work? Read Here...


December 2013
  How dangerous is ultraviolet light? We did the experiment. Read Here...


November 2013
  How many lemons does it take to power a thermometer? We did the experiment.  Read Here...


October 2013
  How to build a solar cooker at home, ditch the stove (if you can wait). Read Here...


September 2013
  Save Tweety! Use a gas detector instead of a canary. Read Here...


August 2013
  Our undercover top secret mission......GPS logging of parcels +  Other Exciting News. Read Here...


July 2013
  Experimenting with Refractometers and Honey. Read Here...


June 2013
  pH Food Fight Experiment, Aquashock (no it's not a new super hero) and choosing the best electrode. Read Here... pH Food Fight Experiment, Aquashock (no it's not a new super hero) and choosing the best electrode. Read Here...


May 2013
  Light/Lux Meters, Is your office a dull place? Take the test!  Read Here...


April 2013
  Laser Distance Meters and Laser vs Tape Measure Experiment - The Showdown. Read Here...


March 2013
  What is the fastest way to cool a beer? Plus cold transport data logging case study. Read Here....


February 2013
  Sound Level Meters - The Castle Range - Who has the loudest car at Instrument Choice? Read Here...


January 2013
  Happy New Year, Monthly Experiments And The Year Ahead! Read Here...


December 2012
  Christmas is coming quickly - Our Christmas Gift Guide! Read Here...


November 2012
  Thermometers, Hot or Not? Read Here...


October 2012
  Cleaning your Davis Weather Station (or many others for that matter). Read Here...


September 2012
  Measuring pH in your Pool + Instrument Choice is in the Smart50 again! Read Here...


August 2012
  Instruments for the Home and your DIY Dad. Read Here...


July 2012
  Thermal Cameras, get a visual on the heat you want to measure! Read Here...


June 2012
  Weather Monitoring in the Tanami Desert and the Shocking Nature of Transport. Read Here...


May 2012
  We are short-listed for the Telstra Business Awards! Also, who are Star-Oddi? Read Here...


April 2012
  Wind Meters or as many know them as; Annenom, Amemom, Ananoters....Anemometers. Read Here...


March 2012
  Temperature data loggers and how to record temperature in Crocodile Guts! Read Here...


February 2012
  Data Loggers, What, Why and How.... Read Here...


January 2012
  The sticky facts on humidity meters and using humidity meters in building maintenance. Read Here...


December 2011
  All I want for Christmas is a weather station; but which one should I choose? Read Here...


November 2011
  How to measure sound levels and sound level meters in OHS. Read Here...


October 2011
  Top 7 Questions about pH Meters along with pH meter applications for the farm. Read Here...


September 2011
  Non-contact (IR) thermometers and testing food temperature in trasnport. Also, see you at the York Peninsula Field Days! Read Here...


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