Instrument Choice Values and Ethos

At Instrument Choice we believe in the simple act of being helpful should underpin everything we do!

Every day we aim to be helpful to our customers, helpful to our suppliers, helpful to our community and of course helpful to each other, as simple as that, no excuses.

Our overall guiding values drill down deeper...

Awesome, expert, honest & prompt service

  • Obsess about our customers, the customers experience is paramount.
  • Create moments where every customer can’t help but say “That was awesome service”.
  • Provide the support of a scientist with every product.
  • Help everyone that calls, even if it is not something we provide.
  • No customer should be left wondering when they will get an answer to a questions.
  • Have information rich resources available to customers.

Always do the right thing

  • Every customer should be treated with respect.
  • All team members should be treated with respect.
  • All suppliers should be treated with respect.
  • Help other team members provide a great customer experience. Just help other team members anyway in anything they need.
  • To be the best we need to strive to be the best in everything we do.
  • Do the right thing, even when no one is looking.

Exceed expectations of every customer

  • Under promise and over deliver, every time.
  • We aim to do things correctly and as per the customers’ expectations, communicating with them well every time.
  • Maintain accuracy in everything we do and be clear to every customer.
  • Exceed our suppliers’ expectations as well and wow them too, we need them.

The right solution for the job

  • Pay attention to the little details in everything we do.
  • Listen to the customer, ask tonnes of questions so you fully understand their requirements.
  • Propose solutions that solve customers’ problems and will help customers achieve success in their work and life.
  • Pursue growth and learning, improve your work and your life.

On time

  • Order should be processed prior to our advertised deadlines and the customers’ expectations of when it will leave our store.
  • Be in contact with every customer enquiry within 3 business hours. Quotes within 1 business hour and Phone calls within 1 business hour.
  • Choose the best method for meeting/exceeding the customers’ expectations.
  • Our customer’s expectations should be expressed to all suppliers so they know the level of urgency with every order.

Be creative, adventurous and have fun

  • Come up with creative solutions.
  • Be creative and open minded.
  • Keep smiling!
  • Show customers and suppliers your personality.
  • Create fun in the workplace.