Choosing a humidity logger!

Choosing a humidity logger!

Humidity loggers are one of our most popular categories of dataloggers. Our customers use them for indoor applications such as warehouse, museum and pharmaceutical monitoring and outdoor applications such as crop monitoring and environmental studies. In this article we will have a quick look at some of our most popular models and what people use them for.
USB based dataloggers
The Lascar EL-USB-2-LCD is our most popular USB based humidity logger. It has a built in display for spot checks, a 1 year battery life (replaceable), free software and a built in USB connection. This unit has been popular for warehousing, fruit transport and resolving office air conditioning complaints. When the cap is properly connected it can also be used for short periods outdoors. This unit however does not have mac compatible software so it’s only for Windows users at this stage.



Bluetooth datalogger

The MX1101 is our most popular Bluetooth humidity logger. Like the EL-USB-2-LCD it has a built in display, but instead of a USB connection for download it can be setup and downloaded from an iOS or android device running the HOBOmobile app. The MX1101 has also been popular for warehousing and laboratory application (it can be downloaded even when it’s in a clean room). However, the most popular application for this model is for monitoring the home wine cellar. With the MX1101 you can see what’s happening in your wine cellar and create a graph to see the conditions that your wine has been exposed to whilst you’ve been away.

MX1101 Wi-Fi Datalogger

The Testo Saveris 2 H1 is a wi-fi temperature and humidity logger with a heap of features and is simple to setup onto your wi-fi network. Once connected and setup through the web interface, the logger uploads temperature and humidity readings to free cloud storage. The readings can be downloaded at any time using either an internet connected smartphone, tablet or PC. Alarms can also be set for limit violations and the system will be reported email immediately (SMS available for a fee).


Outdoor logger


For outdoor humidity monitoring it’s hard to go past the HOBO U23 series of loggers. The U23-001 logger is completely weatherproof and has an inbuilt temperature and humidity sensor. With research grade accuracy the U23-001 is suitable for crop and environmental studies. The U23 is downloaded using a USB optic base station which allows the U23 to be downloaded without compromising the weatherproof capabilities.


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