January 2013 Newsletter - Happy New Year, Monthly Experiments And The Year Ahead!

January 2013 Newsletter - Happy New Year, Monthly Experiments And The Year Ahead!

Happy New Year!

What happened to the holidays?  I’m sure they were around here somewhere… What do you mean they have been and gone???  How did the last 2 weeks go so fast??

We have been busy catching up on jobs which seem to pile up when you are away from the office, so the first half of January has flown by. I am going to freely admit that this month I am feeling a little lazy so the newsletter is going to be shorter than normal.

What I do want to talk about briefly is our plans for the newsletter going forward. 

Monthly Experiments
Starting next month we are introducing a monthly experiment, testing a range of our instruments. These experiments will be conducted by our in house scientists and we hope that you will find them both interesting and informative.  They won’t be too heavy on the science; we aim for them to be a fun way to demonstrate the features of some of our products.  We would like this to become an interactive segment where you can suggest experiments for us to conduct, question our results and even send in experiments you have done yourself, so get your thinking caps on.

Product and Industry Specific Articles
Another change you will notice is that the articles we write are going to become a bit more product or industry specific.  Last year we really wanted to lay the foundation of knowledge over entire product ranges and applications, to build up our base level of understanding on how the instruments work.  Now that we have done this it is time to get into the nitty gritty of things.  This also gives us a chance to explain specific questions you might have regarding products in an open forum, where it could benefit a number of people.

Events and Offers
As well as the changes I have already mentioned, we have a few surprises in the pipe line, along with special events and offers which we will let you know about throughout the year.  So buckle your seat belt and get ready for the exciting ride ahead which is going to be 2013.

Remember; if you have any questions regarding tests you need to conduct or specific instrumentation please give us a call.  

Until next month...
Tyson Grubb