June Newsletter 2012 - Weather Monitoring in the Tanami Desert and the Shocking Nature of Transport

June Newsletter 2012 - Weather Monitoring in the Tanami Desert and the Shocking Nature of Transport

With the end of financial year approaching business kicks into over-drive, there are last minute quotes to be done, orders placed and purchase orders raised. Now is the time to cosy up to one of our Customer Service Personnel and let them know just what you need and when you need it. They will make sure all orders are processed best for your accounting purposes. Remember it is a policy at Instrument Choice to grant automatic 30-day accounts for official purchase orders from all government departments, councils, schools and universities, a red tape free path to quality instrumentation and service.

There is a lot happening around the Instrument Choice office in June, we welcome Tim Trainor back from his overseas holiday, it sounds like he had a wonderful time, you can ask him about it yourself next time you call.

It is official that we are now finalists in the Telstra Business Awards, we are very excited and await the awards presentation in July to find out if we win! We will keep you posted later in July.

Remember; if you have any questions regarding tests you need to conduct or specific instrumentation please give us a call.

Until next month...
Tyson Grubb

Desert Weather Watching in the Tanami
Sometimes our customers need help putting together a full system incorporating a few different bits and pieces. One example is a customer at a mine in the Tanami who needed to record weather conditions on a remote site with no power or base camp setup. 

We provided an easy to setup system using the following parts to build a stand alone system:
IC6322AU - Vantage Pro II Wireless Integrated Sensor Suite
IC6316AU - Wireless Weather Envoy 
IC6510USB - USB Data Logger with Weatherlink Software
IC7716 - Tripod
IC7728 - Weatherproof Multipurpose Enclosure
IC6610 - Solar Power Kit Wireless Vantage Pro

This setup ensured that they were able to get the system built quickly on location and recording straight away. They started recording temperature, humidity, wind speed/direction, barometric pressure and rainfall and then came back every week to download the data.

If you need advice on putting together parts to suit your needs let us know

The Shocking Nature of Transporting Sensitive Cargo
Every day sensitive cargo is shipped around the Australia and the world that needs to be treated with care in every part of the supply chain. One of our many customers, a large Australian Food Manufacturer identified that their product was getting damaged before making it to the shops and they needed to know why

They needed to know how the cargo was treated, where it went and if the driver was driving with enough care.

The customer contacted us and when we examined their needs, the best option was a combination of a  shock logger and a GPS logger. This allowed them to take measurements of specific shock events and also cross reference with where the driver has been.

ULTRASHOCK-5-EB - Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and +-5g Tri-Axial Shock Recorder
The Ultrashock is specifically designed for documenting dynamic environments such as moving vehicles, trucks, containers, ships etc.

TrackStickPro - GPS Fixed Data Logger
The TrackstickPro is the perfect solution for companies and individuals looking for a way to record and validate vehicle, shipping, or trucking routes.

The shock logger is loaded in with the produce, the GPS logger is attached to the truck and set to start recording when the cargo leaves their store. On the cargos receiver end the loggers are collected, downloaded and any proof of mishandling can be found.

Our loggers revealed that on some trips, the drivers were stopping too quick and the load was not secure enough to handle the driving conditions. Changes have now been made to the shipping process and tests are underway to see the improvements.