December 2012 Newsletter - Christmas is coming quickly - Our Christmas Gift Guide!

December 2012 Newsletter - Christmas is coming quickly - Our Christmas Gift Guide!

Welcome to the tail end of the year, and what a year it has been.  We have had a bumper year at Instrument Choice, 2 new staff members; we bagged a number of awards and were nominated for even more.  We hope that you have had a successful and joyous year like we have and that you are looking forward to 2013 with much excitement and anticipation.

This month we will cut to the chase and talk about products which are our best sellers for gifts.  Gift giving can be quite overwhelming and daunting at times, what to buy, when do you have time to buy it and will they like it.  To ease the gift giving stress, we are happy to offer you;
- Peace of mind with our expert, friendly advice and service
- Our online store is open 24 hours
- Scientific Sales Consultants (really friendly guys, who can explain technical stuff simply) will reply to any questions you have within 3 business hours, Guaranteed.  
- We ship Australia wide for FREE
- 30 day money back guarantee even if you just ‘change your mind’ (please see our website for conditions)

The Team at Instrument Choice wish you are your family a Christmas overflowing with Love and Laughter!   Stay safe over the holiday period; we look forward to helping you with all your instrumentation needs in the New Year. 

Remember; if you have any questions regarding tests you need to conduct or specific instrumentation please give us a call.

Until next month...
Tyson Grubb

PS. Instrument Choice will be closed from the 22nd of December, opening again on the 7th of January, you will  still be able to order online during this period but the orders will not be shipped until we return.

Weather Stations
Over the last couple of years we have seen a growing trend towards purchasing Weather Stations for gifts.  They are a great gift option as they come in all shapes and sizes and consequently a whole range of prices.  

They provide useful and interesting information about what is happening in your own backyard and can assist in number of different ways by providing information useful for hobbies such as gardening and outdoor activities through to bushfire prevention and storm warnings. 

If you would like further information please don’t hesitate to call us and chat to one of our Scientific Sales Consultants or follow the links to our website.

WS1151 – Wireless Weather Station $94.00 + GST
Small and attractive unit which displays indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity along with barometric pressure and local forecasts.  This is one of our most popular Weather Stations.

WS9520 – Weatherman Weather Station  $139.00 + GST
This unit’s stand out feature is its “Weatherman” who dresses according to the days forecast.  He rugs up with a scarf when it’s cold, dons an umbrella when it is going to be wet and puts on some shades when it is will be nice and sunny.  A great visual weather station which will be popular with the whole family.

IC0348 – Wireless Weather Station with Touch Screen $249.00 + GST
This is our most popular weather station, it packs a lot of punch for its very reasonable price.  The main feature of this unit is its ability to measure wind speed and direction, rain fall along with all the usual parameters.  This is the go to weather station for any home set up.

ICXC0357 – Wireless Weather Station with LCD “Photo frame” Display  $249.00 + GST
A weather station as stylish as it is functional, the ICXC0357 has a large LCD display which doubles as a digital photo frame with slide show and calendar function. Limited stock item.

IC6250AU – Davis Vantage Vue Wireless Weather Station $590.00 + GST
A top of the line home weather station from the well-known and trusted Davis brand.  This weather station is built to last; it measures all of the usual weather parameters and has a large 300m line of sight wireless range.

Other Sensational Gift Ideas
We have more gift ideas for anyone from the home chef to the DIY expert. Heaps of gadgets for measuring and testing throughout the house and on the job

Ecophtestr 2-kit – Handheld pH Tester Kit with Buffer Solution $150.00 + GST
Perfect gift for: The pool maintenance man (aka Dad) or the Aquarium Owner 
This durable, all-purpose pH Meter is perfect for use in and around the home in pools, aquariums, home brewing and the likes.  This meter comes in a kit with pH4 and pH 7 buffer solutions, so you are ready to go.

DISTO D210 – Laser Distance Meter $249.00 + GST
Perfect gift for: The home handy man
Perfect for the home handy man or Tradie Husband this is not just an accurate laser distance meter, this comprehensive measurement tool also adds, subtracts and calculates area, volume and takes indirect measurements.  

ICZD06 – pH and Moisture Meter with Probe $109.00 + GST
Perfect gift for: The gardeners amongst us.
Measuring the pH and moisture levels in your soil is easy with the accurate pH and Moisture Meter. The 30cm probe makes it easy to take measurements at multiple different depths.  It is perfect gift for the avid gardener or those who are just starting to get a green thumb.

0560-1113 –Waterproof Food Safety Mini-Thermometer $64.00 + GST
Perfect gift for: The Cooks and Bakers of the house
This waterproof thermometer is the perfect addition to every kitchen, and this miniature thermometer measures up to 230C and is ideal for testing the temperature of meats, sugar syrups and countless other items.

GM3KG – 3KG Digital Scale $159.30 + GST
Perfect gift for: The Cooks and Bakers of the house
These digital scales are easy to use and have a large display for easy to read measurements right away.  The simple design ensures they are a breeze to clean making them a kitchen essential.

Dual IR – Non-Contact Thermometer with Dual Laser Targeting $144.00 + GST
Perfect gift for: The Cooks and Pizza Oven Aficionados
Perfect for use with outdoor Pizza Ovens and BBQ’s this laser thermometer allows you to get accurate readings within 1%.  It measures a temperature range of -50C to 650C without having to get too close to the heat source, simple, safe and easy to use.

IC7312 – Thermometer & Hygrometer with Jumbo Display $64.95 + GST
Perfect gift for: Everyone
This easy to read meter measures ambient temperature and humidity and displays the up to date information on a large LCD Screen.  Perfect for use in any room especially the kitchen, office or bedrooms it allows you to easily regulate air-conditioning without wasting power.

Kestrel-1000 – Waterproof Pocket Wind Meter $169.00 + GST
Perfect gift for:  The Outdoors/ Adventure Enthusiast
The Kestrel-1000 waterproof pocket wind meter provides users with easy access to accurate current wind speed, average wind speed and maximum wind gust reports from the palm of their hand. An essential for windsurfing and sailing along with other outdoor pursuits, the Kestrel Range of products are made to last and will happily take a battering in the bottom of your rucksack or tackle box