Introducing the JDC Electronic SA Brand to Instrument Choice?

Introducing the JDC Electronic SA Brand to Instrument Choice?

IC-BL-400 Instrument Choice were recently appointed as a retailer for the JDC Electronic SA Brand. They are a well established Swiss Company that deals in a large array of environmental monitoring equipment. There main target market was originally the Extreme Sports sector. However, over time they have expanded their range and now offer an extensive and broad array of products that we feel will compliment and expand on our current offerings to you.Their main area of focus is on products for extreme sports and weather monitoring. They have also expanded their range to offer Water Flow measurement along with a Porosimeter. 
What they offer:
They offer a Sport line and a Scientific Line. The Sport line is marketed at sailing, kite surfing, paragliding, hiking and so on. They are high quality products that offer a significant amount for the price point. Their Scientific Line is targeted at Agricultural and Construction professionals along with anyone else needing accurate and repeatable data.
The products they deal in:
  • Bluetooth Sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, wind speed/direction and pressure
  • Handheld anemometers that suit a wide array of applications
  • Wind loggers and full weather stations
  • Anemometers with displays along with alarm capability
  • Flow meters that can measure almost any liquid or gaseous medium
  • Porosimeter
Our favourite products from their range:

IC-BL-400 - Bluetooth Anemometer for measuring Wind, Temperature, Humidity and Pressure

Built in Switzerland, the Skywatch BL400 is a complete weather station connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth wireless technology. It accurately measures wind speed, temperature, humidity, and measured data can be stored and shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. The Skywatch BL400 is especially dedicated to all outdoor activities like sailing, kite surfing, paragliding, hiking as well as professional use such for agriculture, construction, and more. Based on recognised expertise and Swiss-made sensors, the Skywatch BL continues the tradition of quality instruments with an aluminum body, stainless steel parts and sapphire bearings.

ATMOS Anemo-thermo-hygrometer - IC-AME-00


Anemometer-thermometer-hygrometer, specially designed for professional use: agriculture, environment , expeditions, etc. European laws as well as unusual weather patterns make it obligatory for agricultural professionals to measure wind, temperature, and humidity prior to spreading anything over their fields.

WWS Anemometer with Alarm Kit - IC-WWS-KIT2

This instrument was developed for protecting persons and properties that may be subject to strong winds. It consists of 2 parts:
- A display unit of the wind force, with 4 programmable warning thresholds (2 min and 2 max).
- A multi directional turbine (wind sensor) enabling measurement of the wind in the horizontal plane and in the vertical as 2. well (turbulence behind objects). The turbine sends its signal magnetically to a transducer (wind sensor) located at the end of the cable connected to the display. This transmission system simplifies the installation process.


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