Should I pick a Vantage Vue or a Vantage Pro 2?

Should I pick a Vantage Vue or a Vantage Pro 2?


Davis stations are high quality weather stations designed for both commercial and home use. They are generally regarded as the best in class and come in two main models the Davis Vantage Vue and the Davis Vantage Pro2. They make fantastic gifts and are ideal for a Christmas present.

So which one is the right choice for you?

Since both of these weather station models are made by Davis Instruments, one of the world’s leading home weather station manufactures, they automatically come with some “street credit”. Both units are very accurate when compared to other personal weather stations. The frequency at which the weather data is updated, every 2.5 seconds, is very good and the same on both the Vue and Pro2. Similarly, the wireless Pro2 and Vue both have a very long wireless transmission distance of up to 300m! In addition, both units are solar-powered weather stations and well-known for their ruggedness and toughness in extreme weather conditions. They also feature UV Stabilised plastic so they are made to withstand the harsh Australian conditions.

There are 3 main differences between the Vantage Vue and the Vantage Pro2. The first and most important consideration is Expand-ability, the second is flexibility whilst the last is price.


The Vantage Vue has all of the basic parameters any budding meteorologist or professional alike would generally require. However, the Vantage Pro2 whilst offering all of this also allows you to add on additional sensors such as UV and Solar radiation. The Vantage Pro2 can also receive from additional stations such as the Leaf/Soil Temp/Moisture Station, Additional Temp/RH station, Wireless Anemometer Transmitter Kit or Wireless Temperature Station. With the Vantage Pro2 you can also get a Fan Aspirated model which the Vue does not offer.


The Vantage Vue is an all in one outdoor sensor suite and you are unable to separate any of the sensors. This means that if you wish to mount the anemometer in a different location to the rest of the sensors you are unable to. With the Vantage Pro2, you can separate the anemometer from the rest of the sensors by up to 12m. This means that you can site your station more in conjunction with the optimum mounting conditions for a weather station. It also means there are more components to mount if you decide to do so.


Vantage Pro2

The Vantage Pro2 is at a price point that puts it between the higher end home stations and professional stations which are in the thousands of dollars. This means that for its price point and for the features it offers it is a very good buy that will offer years of service. There are 4 wireless models and 2 cabled options in their range and their is a model to suit most needs. 


Vantage Pro2 Plus with Fan Aspirated Radiation Shield

Vantage Vue

By contrast, the all-in-one Vantage Vue does almost compete directly with most of the weather stations for home use. Its advantage of course are all the things discussed above; accuracy, data update frequency, solar-powered weather instrument, and 300m wireless transmission distance and UV Stabilised plastic. Most of these stats put the Vue 6250AU as a category leader.


Vantage Vue wireless weather station

No matter which Davis Station you choose you will be ecstatic with your choice and it will provide you years of service with accurate and repeatable weather data. 

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