November 2012 Newsletter - Thermometers, hot or not?

November 2012 Newsletter - Thermometers, hot or not?

Welcome to the tail end of the year, with only 6 weeks to go until Christmas.  We have been busy working on our Christmas Gift Guide for 2012, it is full of great gifts for use in and around the home.   We also have another set of hands on deck to help us through this silly season and beyond, Donna has just joined the team at Instrument Choice as our Packaging and Store Person.  We are really excited to have her on board. You can welcome her to the team via our Facebook page

This month we thought we would chat about thermometers, in particular stem thermometers and ambient temperature thermometers.  If you would like to suggest topics for future newsletters then email any ideas to me at [email protected] or post them on our Facebook page.

Remember; if you have any questions regarding tests you need to conduct or specific instrumentation please give us a call.

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The Probing Facts on Stem Thermometers
Stem or Probe thermometers are used in many different applications everywhere from offices, kitchens, labs and the home.  Stem thermometers draw their name from the long, thin stainless probe or stem which is common to all units, the probe can vary in length and width depending on the unit.  

The stainless probes are easy to clean and sterilise and are strong, meaning they are perfect for use in tough semi-solids like cooked meat all the way through to liquid.

Many probe thermometers such as the Testo 106, Testo 104, 0560-1113 Waterproof Mini Thermometer and the Dig-Stem-1 are either completely water proof and submergible or splash proof, making them ideal for use in and around the kitchen or lab.

If you work in hospitality then you would understand the importance of food safety and making sure food is transported, stored and cooked at the correct temperature.  The Testo range of Stem Thermometers on our website all come with a HACCP Certificate of Endorsement, which means that they are recognised by HACCP as “food-safe aids to manufacturing”.   Stem Thermometers which are HACCP Endorsed are; 

0560-1113 Waterproof Mini Thermometer
- Testo 104 - Waterproof folding thermometer
- Testo 106 - Core Thermometer
Testo 826-T3 - 2 in 1 Thermometer

The price of Stem Thermometers can vary greatly, the main reasons for this is accuracy, durability, and functionality.

Ambient Temperature Thermometers
If you are wanting to measure the air temperature in a room or at a particular location then you will need an ambient temperature thermometer

T hese units are often used in server rooms, fridges and freezers, offices, homes, warehouses and outdoors.  The main things to consider when deciding which unit is best for your application is the temperature range you are wanting to measure, the accuracy you need and if you need more than one thermometer.

The Jumbo Display In-Out Thermometer (IC7310) is one of our most popular units for use around the home or office.  The unit can measure 2 different temperature, for example inside and outside and display them both on the large easy to read screen.

One of the most popular thermometers for use in a fridge or freezer is our IC7209.  This unit allows you to set temperature limits, the unit will then sound an alarm if the temperature goes outside of this range.  This is a very reliable unit which we have had a lot of success with in the past.

If you want to have a temperature sensor in a number of different rooms, with all the information transmitted back to the one location for ease, then the WS1281 - TESA Wireless indoor & Outdoor Thermometer is highly recommended.  You might want to monitor the effectiveness of your air-conditioner in all the bedrooms from the kitchen,  this unit comes with a base station (display) and one ‘outdoor’ or remote sensor, you can add up to another 2 outdoor sensor to the base station.  The extra outdoor sensors can be purchased separately at a later date making this a very versatile unit