Dissolved Oxygen, pH and the Perfect Pour

Dissolved Oxygen, pH and the Perfect Pour

ohaus-starter-st400d-b-portable-dissolved-oxygen-meter-0-00-20-0-mg-l-ppm-30271216-6Dissolved oxygen (DO) and pH play a crucial role in the wine making process; from harvest to consumption.

For quality, stable wine with desirable attributes such as flavour, aroma and colour, dissolved oxygen and pH levels must be analysed throughout.

In this article we will cover the best Ohaus meters to perform these measurements. 

There are a number of steps throughout the wine making process and Ohaus is there to assist. For measuring your extracted juice they offer the ST3100 which is a benchtop pH meter. It can be used to see if any additions/corrections are required before fermentation, and before the bottling process to ensure the wine is within the required range:

Starter 3000 pH and ORP Bench Meter. ORP Electrode available separately - IC-Starter3100FStarter 3000 pH and ORP Bench Meter. ORP Electrode available separately - IC-Starter3100FStarter 3000 pH and ORP Bench Meter. ORP Electrode available separately - IC-Starter3100FStarter 3000 pH and ORP Bench Meter. ORP Electrode available separately - IC-Starter3100F


The Starter 3100 provides accurate pH and ORP measurement for high-level experiments and research. Enhanced features, advanced technology, and high performance have been combined to support complex laboratory tasks requiring pH measurement.

From here they offer the handheld ST300 which is ideal for use on the production floor on a daily basis to conduct spot checks and to ensure the wine making process is moving along correctly:

Starter 300 Portable pH Meter. ORP Electrode available separately - IC-Starter300


The Starter 300 portable meter offer convenience, reliability and durability in one compact design. The ST300 pH meter features a crisp, well-organized LCD display with five clearly marked keys, built-in stand for benchtop use, auto buffer recognition, up to 3 calibration points, memory for up to 30 measurements plus last calibration data, automatic & manual temperature compensation, IP54 protection and 3-in-1 plastic gel pH electrode

As another step in the process they offer the ST400D which can be used to ensure little to no DO is present, and can also be used in the fermentation process to ensure high levels of DO as this can improve the health of yeast and fermentation's:

Starter 400D Portable DO Meter - IC-ST400D-G



  • The optical probe requires minimal maintenance –frequent membrane replacement not needed. Also, warm up and stirring of samples when taking measurements is not required.
  • Equipped with a color LCD display, the ST400D is designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hands. The automatic/manual endpoints enable easy recall of last calibration data and stored information with one touch.
  • Simple calibration process offers quick delivery of measurements, and automatic temperature and barometric pressure compensation ensure accurate results

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