Cool tests to do with a thermal imaging camera!

Cool tests to do with a thermal imaging camera!

In this month’s experiment we are going to play around with the Testo 875-2i and see what you can and can’t use an infrared camera.


1 x Testo 875-2i Set Versatile Thermal Imager - 0563-0875-03

Can you use an infrared camera to see how full your water tank is?
Yes! We have used the TwinPix image overlay feature in the IRSoft Software to highlight the water level in our tank. You can see that thanks to some heavy spring rainfall our tank is pretty much full.
Tank resized
Figure 1: Thermal image showing how full the water tank is.

Can you use an infrared camera to find the dog?
Yes! Our dog is black as night and it can be hard to find when she wanders outside at night. Using the IR camera it’s easy to see the dog no matter how dark it is outside.

Dog nightDog night IR

Figure 2: Side by side of a camera image vs a thermal image in the dark

Can you use an infrared camera to see through walls?
No, well, kind of. In the following image you can see the manhole cover for our ceiling. The manhole cover is not insulated, but the ceiling surrounding it is. You can see a marked temperature difference between the insulated ceiling and the uninsulated manhole cover, so in a way, you can see through the wall.
Figure 3: Manhole cover showing the cooler temperature of the uninsulated area

Can you use an infrared camera to see if you need to call an electrician?
Yes! In the following TwinPix overlay you can see that one of the fuses in our fuseboard is much warmer that other fuses which could indicate an issue.

Figure 4: Twinpix overlay showing the elevated fuse temperature

Can you use an infrared camera to see if your coffee needs heating up?
Yes! We used the TwinPix image overlay to show which coffee was still hot, and which coffee should be tipped out.

Figure 5: Twinpix overlay showing that the coffee on the left needs to be heated up.

Can you use an infrared camera to see heat escaping?
Yes. In the following image of our front door you can see the heat escaping/cool coming in, through the bottom of the door.

Front door
Figure 6: Overlain image clearing showing cool air coming in through an air gap

All of the infrared images in this newsletter were taken using the Testo 875-2i.

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