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Lab Equipment With A Difference, That's Instrument Choice!

Having ready access to reliable, quality lab equipment that’s backed by expert scientific support is essential for universities, scientific research organisations and pharmaceutical companies.

Instrument Choice is Australia’s leading and most respected online supplier of lab equipment to businesses and institutions.

The types of laboratory equipment are many and varied. Some of the most common include centrifuges, lab refrigerators, pipettors, ovens, scales and balances, vortex mixers, autoclaves, hotplates, incubators, along with a host of others. (For more detailed descriptions of the most popular types of lab equipment click here.)

The main applications for lab equipment fall into two broad categories, professional and academic. These encompass taking measurements, performing experiments and collecting data.

The relative sophistication of scientific laboratory equipment required depends on the type of measurements to be undertaken and whether these scientific instruments are used in schools, hospitals, research centres or specialised investigative centres. No matter what your application or environment, Instrument Choice has a carefully balanced selection of scientific equipment to cater for nearly every need.

What Different about Instrument Choice? 

In a nutshell, the Instrument Choice team is passionate for you to enjoy an outstanding customer experience as well as trouble-free operations while you’re working in the lab. The fact that Instrument Choice stocks thousands of lab equipment items, offers risk-free purchasing terms, overnight shipping that’s direct to your door, and supports its customers with the on-going support of experienced scientists all works together to make this happen. 

Here’s the ‘nuts and bolts’ of our customer service offering that makes it so easy to find the right lab equipment for your needs.

Super-Responsive Customer Service 

(9 am - 5:30 pm weekdays)

Expert, Responsive, Friendly, Continuous

When researching, buying or setting-up lab equipment you can expect:

  • Quotes within a business hour
  • 3 business hour responses to email inquiries; and
  • Unlimited phone/email support - even after your warranty has expired!

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Special Advice From Scientists 

(9 am - 5:30 pm weekdays)

Free, Experienced, Independent

In our experience, customers can become frustrated by a lack of familiarity when tackling a special application or using an unfamiliar device. That’s where Instrument Choice scientists excel. Let one of our team help you with things like:

  • Setting-up and using your lab equipment
  • Setting-up trials and experiments
  • Calibrating lab equipment

Making savings on the total cost of owning and operating scientific equipment - over and above the listed price for item …. And many more.

We love a challenge – so please test us!

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Easy Shopping

We make it easy for you to find and purchase the right lab equipment - here’s how.

Our website’s design makes it is easy to navigate our huge range of lab equipment and the Instrument Choice shopping cart is a smooth experience. If you know what model you want, you can find it fast using our search functions. If you prefer, you can navigate through our menus or contact a scientist. Should you need some lab equipment and it’s not in our range, contact us anyway – we’ll track it down for you free of charge!

When it comes to different ordering options, we’ve got you covered. You can purchase lab equipment either online, by phone, fax, email or mail. We accept payments by Visa, Mastercard, Amex, EFT, Cheque, or Account (application required). Instrument Choice has automatic, free 30-day accounts available for Australian and New Zealand councils, universities, schools, hospitals and government departments. What’s more, our quotes and delivery procedures comply with government and commercial best practice.

Free Express Shipping  

Instrument Choice has secured amazing rates for shipping lab equipment throughout Australia and New Zealand.You’ll enjoy free overnight shipping to capital cities for 93% of stocked items. Scientific instruments sent to regional areas travel by express freight to get to you as quickly as possible. Psst, orders over $100 are free!

Get details about our super-fast and secure shipping options here

Risk-Free Purchasing

If you purchase lab equipment from Instrument Choice, we guarantee you’ll never get stuck with any unwanted item. We do it this way:

30-day free returns & money-back guaranteeInstrument Choice’s free returns policy means that for any warranty claim, Instrument Choice will absorb the freight costs should you return your purchased lab equipment. We offer this to our customers irrespective of whether you are entitled to your money back or replacement product!

Additional 1 Year Product Warranty - Compare the difference! Nearly all lab equipment suppliers charge an additional 15-40% for an extended warranty. We automatically provide an extended extra 1-year warranty free of charge!

We guarantee our warranty exceeds that of any other supplier, and we offer it in addition to the warranty of the manufacturer on everything apart from consumables. *

* Consumables include any item(s) used in conjunction with the operation of lab equipment that degrades over time and needs regular replacement. To assist you with your purchase, Instrument Choice lists any consumables required for the operation of lab equipment on its relevant product page. Examples of consumables include but are not limited to:

  • Electrodes
  • Calibrations, Calibration solutions/standards
  • Single use data loggers
  • Batteries
  • Satisfaction Guarantee - If for any reason you are unhappy with your lab equipment and you can’t find a satisfactory outcome under our Returns or Extended Warranty policies, we insist you contact one of our scientists and share your concerns. Our commitment is to ensure you will always be satisfied with our service.

Extensive Range of Lab Equipment

Instrument Choice has assembled a huge range of lab equipment so that you don’t need to look anywhere else when hunting for the right items for your lab.

Here’s a few popular examples of the type and quality of lab equipment you’ll find in our online store.

Vortex-Genie 2 Vortex Mixer


This tough and versatile piece of lab equipment is suitable for a wide range of applications and lab environments.  

Click here for a detailed description and specifications.

145 Litre, Fan Forced, Economy Pharmacy Refrigerator

Economical and secure refrigerators for safely storing pharmaceutical and vaccine products are widely used by retail pharmacies, medical centres, universities and veterinary hospitals. We receive great customer feedback about the Thermoline range lab fridges.

Click here for a detailed description and specifications.

NEXTY, 5000ul - ICNT-F5000 Fixed Volume Single Channel Pipettor


Instrument Choice scientists favour the Nexty range of pipettors for this essential type of lab equipment. We like the easily recognizable push button colour codes, the tough, durable material (the lower portion of the pipettor can be autoclaved) and the thoughtful design that fits comfortably in your hand for easy use.

Click here for a detailed description and specifications.

520L Refrig Temp/Humidity Door Lighting

Thermoline has developed the Climatron range of growth cabinets designed to maintain conditions critical for applications where precise control of temperature and/or humidity is required. This type of lab equipment is ideal for research work such as growing Arabidopsis or experiments involving plant growth, plant production, plant pathology, seedling germination, seed storage, tissue culture, insect incubation as well as many other applications.

Contact a scientist to discuss your application or click here for a detailed description and specifications.

Frontier 5515R Refrigerated High-Speed Micro Centrifuge

The Frontier 5515R microliter benchtop centrifuge provides high-speed operation for spin-down applications requiring a wide variety of tube volumes and capacities. Featuring refrigeration capabilities, 10 acceleration/deceleration settings, multiple safety features, and an unmatched capacity, Frontier provides stable liquid separation for life science applications requiring high-speed operation.

Need help finding the right piece of lab equipment? Call our scientists & select with confidence or click here for a detailed description and specifications.

24L Water Bath with Built-In Circulating Pump

Thermoline's quality range of laboratory water baths are supplied with a built-in circulator, constructed of stainless steel, insulated to reduce heat loss and offer up to a 24L capacity.

Click here for a detailed description and specifications.

If you have any questions at all regarding Instrument Choice’s products, if you can’t find the lab equipment you’re looking for, or you need advice with an application, setting up your equipment, or designing an experiment contact an Instrument Choice scientist.