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Introducing HVAC Performance Monitoring Instruments by TSI

Since 1961 TSI has designed and manufactured precision instruments that measure flow, particulates, air quality, and other vital environmental parameters. In this article, we spotlight their extensive range of HVAC equipment.

TSI HVAC equipment supports the work of builders, engineers, commissioning agents, and HVAC testing companies in a wide range of purposes, from designing a new building to performing routine maintenance. Instrument Choice scientists strongly recommend TSI as market leaders in this segment. Their products simplify the measurement processes without sacrificing precision, accuracy, or reliability.

Handheld Air Velocity Measurement Tools

Below are two excellent examples of handheld portable air velocity management tools that measure air velocity, air temperature, calculate flow rates, and perform statistical calculations.

TSI 5725 VelociCalc Rotating Vane Anemometer

Product Code: IC-5725

The IC-5725 VelociCalc features a 100mm vane that accurately measures air velocity, temperature, calculates flow rate, performs averaging, and can determine the minimum and maximum readings.


Air Velocity Range: 0.25 to 30 m/s

Air Velocity Accuracy: ±1.0% of reading

Duct Size: 0 to 46.45 m2

Temperature Range: 5 to 45°C

Data Logging:12,700 samples and 100 test IDs

TSI 9545 Velocicalc Air Velocity and Humidity Meter and Data Logger

Product Code: IC-9545

The IC-9545 simultaneously measures air velocity, humidity, and temperature. The meter can data log several ventilation parameters using the single 101.6cm telescopic probe with multiple sensors.


Air Velocity Range:0 to 30 m/s

Air Velocity Accuracy: ±3% of reading or ± 0.015 m/s, whichever is greater. Starts at 0.15 m/s through 20 m/s.

Duct Size: 1 to 635 cm in increments of 0.1 cm.

Humidity: 5 to 95%RH

Temperature:-18 to 93°C

Data Logging:12,700+ samples and 100 test IDs

Capture Hoods

TSI capture hoods enable a straightforward one-person operation for quick, accurate direct air volume readings at diffuser and grille locations.

TSI 8380 AccuBalance Air Capture Hood

Product Code: IC-8380

Offering durable, trouble-free operation, this lightweight, ergonomically designed capture hood kit saves time and money by combining multiple measurement tools into one package. The IC-8380 helps you create healthy and energy-efficient environments while meeting local codes, guidelines, and regulations for ventilation systems. The IC-8380 also features a detachable micromanometer for increased flexibility in multiple measurement applications.


Size: 610mm x 610mm

Inclusions:8715 DP Calc Multi-function Micromanometer, LogDat CH downloading software, wheeled carry case, and calibration certificate.

Hydronic Manometers

Facilities that contain water systems generally balance terminal flow using differential pressures. Balancing water (hydronic) systems will reduce energy consumption, save money, and enhance system performance.

TSI HM685 Hydronic Manometer with Data Logger

Product Code:IC-HM685M

The TSI HM685 Hydronic Manometer and data logger is well suited for balancing hydronic heating and cooling systems, checking pump performance as well as setting and balancing valves.

The instrument can measure and display differential, high side, and low side pressures simultaneously. The IC-HM685M comes with software, a computer cable, and a temperature probe.


Pressure Units: psi, in. H2O, ft H2O, kPa, mm Hg, in. Hg, m H2O, bar

Differential Range:-300 to 300 psi (-2,068 to 2,068 kPa)

Gauge Range: -20 to 300 psi (-138 to 2,068 kPa)(-40 to 610 in. Hg)

Pressure Accuracy: ± 1% of reading plus .072 psi (0.5 kPa) (0.15 in. Hg)

Flow Units: USGPM, UKGPM, m3/h, l/s, l/m

Flow Range: -22,712 to 22,271 m3/h

Flow Accuracy:0.00001 l/s per pressure accuracy + valve deviation

Data Storage:4,000 combined readings, 100 Test IDs


Micromanometers accurately measure static, total, and velocity pressures as well as pressure drops across filters, coils, fans, and diffusers.

TSI 5815 DP-CALC Micromanometer

Product Code: IC-5815

The 5815 micromanometer by TSI combines a lightweight and durable design with an easy-to-read display.The meter measures differential and static pressure from -15 to +15 in. H2O (-3735 to +3735 Pa) and can calculate and display velocity when using a Pitot tube.


Static/Differential Pressure Range: -15 to +15 in. H2O (-28.0 to +28.0 mm Hg, -3735 to +3735 Pa)

Static/Differential Pressure Accuracy: ±1% of reading +/- 0.005 in. H2O (+/- 0.01 mm Hg, +/- 1 Pa)



TSI supplies a range of meters ideally suited for monitoring HVAC equipment performance in a variety of applications. To browse the full range of TSI meters, click here.

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