The best electrode to use to monitor the pH of cheese and yoghurt to eliminate clogging.

The best electrode to use to monitor the pH of cheese and yoghurt to eliminate clogging.

The Problem:
You have been using a variety of pH electrodes in the past to measure your yoghurt and cheese products and you have found that they have stopped working after a short period and give erroneous readings. The electrode appears to have a build-up in it and no amount of cleaning will remove it. You want an electrode that will give repeatable and accurate results and that won’t become clogged.

The Solution:
Measuring the pH of cheese and yoghurt can be difficult, this is due to the fact they contain proteins. Proteins within the yoghurt or cheese can combine with the silver ions within the electrolyte and will cause the electrode diaphragm to become clogged over time. This results in inaccurate results, constant fluctuating, long response times and eventually the electrode needing to be replaced. To combat this issue we offer the Eutech 620 series electrodes. These electrodes feature an open pore, the advantage of an open pore electrode is that it features a single pore capillary reference junction construction. The Open Pore Electrode is about 200 times larger than a typical ceramic junction. When used in combination with specially formulated electrolyte such as a fluid gel electrolyte, the flow rate is faster and leads to better contact between the reference electrode and sample. This means shorter response time and more accurate measurements. They feature a standard BNC connection and can be connected to most pH meters that accept this connection. For cheese pH measurements we recommend the EC-620-133 electrode as it features a spear tip. This makes it ideal for piercing into the cheese which means you can measure the pH during any stage of the cheeses production, whether it is in a liquid or solid state. This electrode can also be used for yoghurt measurement, however we recommend the EC-620-131 as it is more cost effective and you generally do not require the spear tip to insert the electrode into your sample as yoghurt is generally in a more liquid state than cheese and the cylindrical tip is more than adequate. Both of these electrodes will provide you with quick, reliable and repeatable results when measuring cheese and yoghurt and will eliminate those annoying clogging issues that have hampered you in the past.

If you need any assistance with selecting an electrode to best suit your application or if you wish to know further details about how these electrodes would work in your application please feel free to contact one of our friendly Scientists via email or phone on 1300 737 871. Daniel Craig McGaffin
EC-620-133 - Spear Tip pH Electrode

Product Code: EC-620-133

Spear Tip pH Electrode

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