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Our range of Deltatrak

  • Product Code: IC-11040

    This waterproof thermometer with reduced tip probe is recommended as a food safety tool, and can be used in any establishment where food is prepared, cooked, served and stored, as well as in distribution centers, cold storage and processing facilities.

    $32.00 AUD + GST
    $35.20 AUD Inc. GST
    25 in stock
  • Product Code: IC-12215

    The Certified Alarm Thermometer, model 12215, is a dual channel digital thermometer with an internal and an external sensor, minimum/maximum memory, a large, easy-to-read LCD, and high/low alarm settings. The internal sensor measure ambient air temperature and the external sensor monitors temperature inside freezers, refrigerators, or cold holding display cases.

    $98.00 AUD + GST
    $107.80 AUD Inc. GST
    6 in stock
  • Product Code: IC-11063

    This jumbo display, waterproof probe thermometer is the perfect tool for measuring food temperatures during cooking and holding.

    $59.00 AUD + GST
    $64.90 AUD Inc. GST
    12 in stock
  • Product Code: IC-13307

    This jumbo display thermo-hygrometer features a large LCD screen, is F/C switchable, minimum/maximum readings memory, freeze alarm setting option and external thermistor probe with extension cable.

    $79.00 AUD + GST
    $86.90 AUD Inc. GST
    22 in stock
  • Product Code: IC-12214

    The Dishwasher Kit (Model 12214) ensures that the minimum sanitizing temperature has been reached during the final rinse cycle in high temperature dishwashers. It also helps to control use of energy for hot water generation, which can provide significant cost savings.

    $71.00 AUD + GST
    $78.10 AUD Inc. GST
    9 in stock
  • Product Code: IC-26003

    Use the Heat/Cool Cooking Thermometer, Model 26003, to view desired internal cooking temperature without ever opening the oven door.

    WAS $93.00 AUD + GST
    $58.00 AUD + GST
    $63.80 AUD Inc. GST
    4 in stock
  • Product Code: IC-15000

    The FlashCheck Folding Probe Thermometer, Model 15000, can register temperatures from room temperature to 32F (0C) in just 30 seconds

    WAS $322.00 AUD + GST
    $210.00 AUD + GST
    $231.00 AUD Inc. GST
    2 in stock
  • Product Code: IC-11050

    The Waterproof Lollipop, Min/Max Digital Thermometer with a 10cm probe is ideal for commercial kitchens. With the thermometer's auto-calibration and min/max features, users can quickly verify and quantify temperature. With its reduced tip it is ideal for inserting into thin food stuffs

    $58.00 AUD + GST
    $63.80 AUD Inc. GST
    35 in stock
  • Product Code: IC-11047

    The Digital Lollipop Min/Max Thermometer is a waterproof thermometer with an 200mm sharp tip probe. With a temperature range of -50C to 200C, this thermometer is ideal for measuring liquids with very high temperatures such as oils or jams. It is also an ideal HACCP Stem thermometer for your kitchen.

    $68.00 AUD + GST
    $74.80 AUD Inc. GST
    27 in stock
  • Product Code: IC-40900

    Reusable Bluetooth temperature data logger for transport and delivery.

    WAS $241.00 AUD + GST
    $199.00 AUD + GST
    $218.90 AUD Inc. GST
    5 in stock
  • Product Code: IC-40901

    Reusable temperature and humidity data logger for transport and delivery.

    WAS $284.00 AUD + GST
    $239.00 AUD + GST
    $262.90 AUD Inc. GST
    3 in stock
  • Product Code: IC-12217

    The 12217 features a stereo jack gold plated sensor cable ensures accurate and reliable temperature readings, perfect for quality assurance in continuous monitoring of temperature controlled environments or for spot checking specific areas.

    $55.00 AUD + GST
    $60.50 AUD Inc. GST
    18 in stock
  • Product Code: IC-12207

    The Min/Max Alarm Digital Thermometer features a fast-responding stainless steel probe with a 10 foot (3 meter) cable that detaches from the base unit for easy installation. An audible alarm can be set for the external sensor, with high and low temperature limits selected by the user.

    $58.00 AUD + GST
    $63.80 AUD Inc. GST
    29 in stock
  • Product Code: IC-15039

    This fast, accurate NSF certified thermometer is ideal for use anywhere food is processed, prepared, handled, served, packed, stored, shipped and received. The sharp tip thermocouple probe measures internal temperature, while the infrared sensor allows users to take instant surface temperature without touching, contaminating or causing damage

    $299.00 AUD + GST
    $328.90 AUD Inc. GST
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