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How to Measure Soil pH using the IC-HI981030 Groline Soil pH Tester

The IC-HI981030 is a pocket-sized, application-specific soil pH tester packed with features to help you streamline the collection of soil pH information. The advanced features of this pH tester enable you to take accurate measurements time and time again.

The cutting-edge features of the Groline soil pH tester include:

  • Conical electrode tip for easy soil penetration
  • Open junction electrode with a removable sleeve; and
  • On-screen stability indicator.

Figure 1 Watch an Instrument Choice Scientist demonstrate how to take a soil pH measurement here.

How to Measure Soil pH using the IC-HI981030 Groline Soil pH Tester

Tools Required

  • Tap water for rinsing 
  • Distilled water to soften the soil 
  • The IC-HI981030 meter with the cap removed 
  • An Instrument to dig with (Auger, ruler, etc.) 

Measurement Note 1: Before each use, inspect the pH probe to ensure the bridge electrolyte has not dried out and calibration has completed. If the electrolyte is dehydrated or you are not sure how to complete a calibration, click here to learn how.

Measurement Note 2: When digging holes for measurement, ensure they are the same depth each time. This consistency will help to avoid discrepancies in your pH data.


1. Using a digging instrument, dig a small hole to loosen the soil where you wish to obtain a pH measurement.

2. Add some distilled water to the hole. The soil in the hole should be damp, but not saturated.

3. Rinse the electrode in the tap water and then insert it in the hole, observing the minimum and maximum penetration depth.


Figure 1: Minimum and maximum penetration depth on the IC-HI981030 GroLine Soil pH Tester. 

4. Allow the reading to develop and stabilise. When the small hourglass disappears from the screen, the measurement is stable.

5. Once the hourglass disappears, observe the final soil pH reading. 

6. Remove from the soil and rinse. Repeat the same to take further measurements.

7. After use and before storage, clean the electrode thoroughly in distilled or deionised water. Then add a few drops of the included electrolyte storage solution to the cap and store away for your next soil pH measurement.


The IC-HI981030 is an application-specific soil pH tester with cutting-edge features that simplify the taking of soil pH measurements. The impressive range of functions ensures fast and accurate soil pH measurements every time.

If you would like more information on the IC-HI981030 soil pH tester, see the additional links (below) or contact us!

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