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5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest in A Multifunction Environment Meter

A multifunction environment meter is a scientific instrument that allows a user to measure a host of parameters without the need to swap meters or have multiple units. These devices are popular with professionals or students who spend a lot of time working in the field. In roles such as engineers, field technicians and researchers.

Here’s the top 5 reasons professionals, academics and students want a Multifunction Environment Meter.

#1 Save Time

The principle reason to invest in a multiparameter meter is to process multiple measurements in a short time frame.

Take for example the CAT III Multifunction Environment Meter with DMM - QM-1594. This powerful meter combines the functions of a sound level meter, light meter, humidity meter and temperature meter at an incredibly accessible price.

Typical sound applications include checking the acoustics of recording studios, auditoriums and professional hi-fi installations. The light and humidity meters are ideal for video photographers, greenhouse and hydroponic setups, etc. Others who should find this meter essential include interior designers, factory and office managers, record and archive keepers, schools, hospitals, laboratories and, of course, universities.

#2 Reduce Costs

Well-designed Multifunction Environment Meters save money by not only reducing the need to buy multiple devices to measure the same parameters but in most cases a single device means less maintenance due to savings in labour hours, downtime and shipping.

#3 Multiple parameters displayed simultaneously or easily accessible

Multifunction Environment Meter devices that allow the user to combine data across multiple parameters can be incredibly useful in the field, particularly when quickly assessing an environment to make initial or quick decisions – say to determine whether a workplace is safe or healthy, and/or whether results indicate a more detailed investigation is required.

An interesting example of a Multifunction Environment Meter is the Kestrel 5400 Heat Stress WBGT Meter (Safety Orange) - IC-0854ORA

Designed for workplaces where Occupational Health and Safety is a priority this device measures wind speed, air flow, ambient temperature, relative humidity and pressure – every environmental parameter that could impact on comfort in an outdoor workplace. This instrument has an alarm setting that is triggered once predetermined, multiple parameter limits are exceeded. This feature significantly reduces the amount of observations required before deciding whether a workplace is safe or not, thereby ensuring worker protection.

Another product which highlights the advantage of easy access to multi-parameter results is the Waterproof Multi-Purpose Meter - EC-PCSTestr35.This Multifunction Environment Meter is simple to use, accurately measuring pH, Conductivity, Salinity, Temp. & TDS. Armed with such a meter a field scientist could (say) quickly assess the health of a body of water and decide whether further action is justified – such as a more detailed or longitudinal study.

#4 Only one piece of equipment to send away for calibration

A properly calibrated meter is essential where important decisions are affected by the accuracy of data. Where multiple parameters need to be measured by a Multifunction Environment Meter means only one piece of equipment at a time needs recalibration, saving time and money.

#5 Smaller to store, less inventory to track

Single purpose meters take up more space and can be a headache to track, particularly where different team members need access to meters for different tasks and different times. Stocking several Multifunction Environment Meters can solve the problem.

Instrument Choice selects only quality Multifunction Environment Meters that will last you many years.We stick with brands that we know perform, that maintain accuracy and can be easily calibrated over the life of a device.