Integrated Plant-Water Monitoring Station - IC-SNiP-SPW1-SL

Product code: IC-SNiP-SPW1-SL

Integrated plant-water monitoring station that measures measure short- and long-term changes in stem circumference, relative humidity, barometric pressure, air temperature, and vapor pressure. includes: 1 x SMT-100, 1 x DBS60, 1 x ATH-2S with passive Radiation shield, S-NODE with LoRaWAN communications, 6.5 Ah rechargeable li-ion battery, 10W Solar Panel and SPLM7 mounting system for node and solar panel.
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The SNiP-SPW1 is a 'Sensor Node Integrated Package' for LoRa, LoRaWAN, FSK or CAT-M1 communication of real-time plant diameter measurements in relation to real-time weather parameters and soil water potential for continuous plant monitoring.

The base SNiP-SPW1 integrates 1x S-NODE and three sensors to a sites unique network, communication and power requirements: 1x DBS60 Band Dendrometer, 1x Atmos-14, 1x TEROS-21. The S-NODE can support an additional sensor.

The DBS60 Band Dendrometer is an SDI-12 Band Dendrometer designed to measure short- and long-term changes in stem circumference.

The Atmos-14 monitors microclimate and evapotranspiration via the measurement of Relative Humidity, Barometric Pressure, Air Temperature, and Vapor Pressure with or without a passive radiation shield.

The TEROS-21 uses solid ceramics which have a wide range of pore sizes that can typically measure soil water potential of -100kPa and drier. Solid ceramics are suited to general monitoring of soil suction within or under structures of buildings, roadways and mine sites.

S-NODE: SDI-12 Node:

The S-NODE has been designed to support the broad suite of SDI-12 based environmental sensors. The S-NODE can support sensors with higher power requirements; a solar panel can charge either the internal lithium-ion battery or both the node and sensor can be powered by an external 12V system (e.g. battery or mains source). The S-Nodes SDI-12 communications can be customised to allow for interfacing with any SDI-12 sensor.


- LoRaWAN low-power long-range connectivity
- Supports the full range of SDI-12 commands, and sensors requiring constant excitation.
- Optional CAT-M1
- Solar rechargeable Lithium-ion or external 12V power options
- Optional Multi-constellation GNSS
- AS923, AU915 and US915 available, with other region plans available upon request.
- Standard IP65 enclosure, optional IP67

DBS60 SDI-12 Band Dendrometer

The DBS60 is an SDI-12 Band Dendrometer designed to measure short- and long-term changes in stem circumference. The DBS60 SDI-12 Band Dendrometer is similar to the DBL60, but has a cable for the connection to a SDI-12 Data Logger.


- Increment sensors type: rotary position
- Range: 64 mm of circumference
- Linearity: 2% of full scale
- Resolution: step-less
- Tape strength: 15 to 20 N in the whole range, stem diameter independent
- Tape temperature coefficient: 17.3 x 10-6 per C
- Operating range (Temperature): -30 to 60 C
- Operating range (Humidity): 0 to 100%
- Size: 100 x 70 x 100 mm
- Weight: ca 260 g
- Minimal stem diameter: 8 cm
- Increment range: 65mm
- Tightening strength: 15 to 20 N

ATMOS 14 Temp & Humidity:

Thousands of engineers and ecologists already depend on the ATMOS 14 for straightforward measurements. Whether you're using the EM60G to look at plant emergence, leaf area index, or fractional interception, there isn't an easier way to benchmark your data. The ATMOS 14 is a versatile, and fast sensor designed to make taking temp/RH measurements simpler and therefore less work.

- Microclimate measurement made simple: Four sensors in one - air temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, and vapour pressure.
- Plug and use: Simply plug the ATMOS 14 sensor and ist ready to use; no need for wires, additional software or installation.
- Rugged and accurate: Weatherproof and compact to fit into most work spaces or environments


Relative Humidity:

- Range: 0 to 100% RH
- Accuracy: Sensor measurement accuracy is variable across a range of temperatures.
- Equilibrium time: less than 40 s (response time in 1 m/s air stream)
- Hysteresis: less than 1% RH typical
- Long term drift: less than 0.5% RH/year typical


- Range: - 40 to 80 C
- Resolution: 0.1 C
- Accuracy: Sensor measurement accuracy is variable across a range of temperatures.
- Equilibrium time: less than 400 s
- Long term drift: less than 0.04 C/year typical

Vapor pressure:

- Range: 0 to 47 kPa
- Resolution: 0.01 kPa
- Accuracy: Sensor measurement accuracy is variable across a range of temperatures.

Barometric pressure:

- Range: 49 to 109 kPa
- Resolution: 0.01 kPa
- Accuracy: 0.4 kPa

General specifications:

- Dimensions: 1.96 cm (dia) x 5.4 cm (h)
- Power requirements: 3.6 to 15 VDC, 0.03 mA quiescent, 4 mA during 300 ms measurement
- Response (Measurement time): 300 ms
- Output: Decagon Digital or SDI-12
- Operating temperature: - 40 to 80 C
- Connector types: 3.5 mm (stereo) plug or stripped and tinned lead wires (pigtail)
- Cable length: 5 m standard; custom cable length available upon request
- Data logger compatibility: Meter/Decagon: Em50 Series (Firmware 2.19+), ICT SDI-12 logger, AML, AWS, Universal Telemetry Hub, Campbell Scientific: Any logger with serial I/O
- Handheld reader compatibility: ProCheck (rev 1.57+)
- Software: ECH2O Utility (rev 1.74)

TEROS 21 Water Potential Sensor

The TEROS 21 is a matrix water potential sensor that provides long term, maintenance-free soil water potential and temperature readings at any depth without sensitivity to salts. The range of the TEROS 21 goes from field capacity to air dry. Lab and field tests indicate that it can make accurate measurements at water potentials at least as dry as permanent wilting point.

- Dramatically Improved Accuracy: Accuracy (+/-10% of the reading) comes from the TEROS 21's six point factory calibration. Compare with confidence to other TEROS 21 sensors or to other measures of water potential.
- Tough, Long-Lasting Body - Epoxy overmolding will withstand even difficult field conditions. Sensors are rated for long-term research studies.
- No Recalibration: Other matrix potential sensors have a tendency to degrade over time. The TEROS 21 uses a silica based ceramic material that doesn't degrade and doesn't need replacement or recalibration.
- Insensitivity to Salts -The sensor is accurate in salty environments, a variety of soils, and even in locations where the salinity conditions change over time.
- Affordability: Breakthrough calibration technique gives the TEROS 21 the accuracy of an individually calibrated sensor at a price comparable to most uncalibrated sensors.
- Excellent Range: The TEROS 21 has sensitivity from -9 kPa all the way to air dry (-100,000 kPa), with accurate measurements to at least permanent wilting point.
- Onboard Temperature Measurement: Temperature measurements let you evaluate another important growing condition without adding a sensor.
- Plug and Play Capability: Just install the sensor, plug it into the Em50 series logger, set the clock and measurement intervals, and start logging data. No programming required.
- Remote access to data: Use the TEROS 21 with an Em50G data logger and access your data from your office, lab, classroom, or anywhere with an internet connection.
- SDI-12 Compatible: The TEROS 21 is compatible with nearly all major commercial data loggers through SDI-12, a universal communications protocol.

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