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Stud Detectors

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3 in 1 Stud Detector with Laser Level - IC2288

Featuring a stud detector which just doesn't "beep" when you're over the stud, it shows the proximity when you are NEAR a stud via the large LCD and shows a target graphic when you're spot on.

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A stud detector is a hand held device used to locate wood and metal framing studs commonly used in light-weight construction. There are two types of stud detectors. These are the magnetic stud detectors and the internal capacitor stud detector.

Magnetic stud detectors use magnets to detect the location of nails used in the studs. The user may sense the nails being attracted to the magnet over the wall, making it easier to find the studs. Issues may arise if the nails deep within the covering material.

An internal capacitor stud detectors use capacitors to detect changes within the dielectric charge within the walls. Simply put, most materials that have conductive properties retain small amounts of electrical charge over time. An internal capacitor stud identifies specific points in a wall that have emit this type of electric charge coming from the nails used in the studs. Most models would have multiple sensors that are sensitive to this small electrical charges, removing the need to move the instrument around over the walls.