Additional 1 Year Product Warranty

Compare the difference! Nearly all scientific instrument suppliers charge an additional 15-40% for an extended warranty. We automatically provide an extended bonus 1 year warranty free of charge!

Let’s be clear. We stand by our equipment and our customers. Instrument Choice’s warranty exceeds that of any other supplier, as well as the warranty of the manufacturer. We will add an extra 1-year warranty on everything apart from consumables. *

* Consumables include any item(s) used in conjunction with the operation of a product that degrades over time and needs regular replacement. To assist you with your purchase, Instrument Choice lists any consumables required for the operation of a product on its relevant product page. Examples of consumables include but are not limited to:
- Electrodes
- Calibrations, Calibration solutions/standards
- Single use data loggers
- Custom Probes
- Batteries

What does this mean?
If you have a problem with your non-consumable type product, within 1 additional year on top of the standard manufacturer warranty, Instrument Choice will treat it exactly the same as if it was still in the normal warranty period and get you back up and running, as simple as that.

This means that when buying from Instrument Choice you are guaranteed that what you buy will keep on working and providing the right information longer than if you buy from any other supplier.

As most meters, data loggers and lab equipment we supply are not classed as consumable, most items are included in this bonus offer, if you have any questions please call our scientists on 1300 964 237 or email [email protected]
Bonus Warranty