PH and salt monitoring for bore water.

The Problem:

You have access to dam or bore water on your agricultural property, however you are suspicious that the water is not going to be suitable for irrigation or stock use due to too high salt levels or pH. If the water is highly acidic (less than 5.5), acidosis and reduced feed intake may occur. If the pH is too high, intestinal upset, reduced feed conversion efficiency and diarrhea may occur. You could send the water to a laboratory to get tested, but it takes time, and is expensive and the water quality changes over time so the old results might not be useful any more. So how do you know if your water will be suitable for the intended use?
The Solution:
  The EC-PCSTestr35 is a great option for farm use because it is waterproof, easy to use, and very portable. It can measure pH from 0 to 14.00, conductivity from 0 to 20.00mS/cm (over 3 ranges 0.0 to 199.9μS/cm, 200 to 1999μS/cm and 2.00 to 20.00mS/cm), TDS from 0-10.00ppt and Salinity from 0.0-1.0%. The unit is also waterproof so you can easily wash it off after use without fear of damaging it. To take a measurement all you need to do is turn the unit on, make sure it is on the correct parameter setting (i.e. pH or conductivity) and dip the tip in the water. This can be done on location i.e. directly in the dam, or a sample of water can be taken in a clean cup to be measured at a later time. This makes it well suited to a wide variety of water quality applications around the farm. If you are looking for a unit which has a broader conductivity range and higher accuracy, then the EC-PCWP300-03K would be a great choice. It can measure pH from 0-14, conductivity over 5 ranges from 0 to 199.9mS/cm and TDS from 0 to 99.9ppt (up to 199.9ppt depending on the TDS factor used). This means it is suitable for use not only in bore water and dam water monitoring but can also be used for aquaculture and hydroponic use. If you need any assistance with selecting a water quality meter to best suit your requirements or if you wish to know further details about how these meters would work in your conditions please feel free to contact one of our friendly Scientists via email or phone on 1300 737 871.

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Waterproof Multi-Purpose Meter - EC-PCSTestr35

Product Code: EC-PCSTestr35

Easy to use, highly accurate tester for five different parameters.

- pH, Conductivity, Salinity, Temp. & TDS.
- All in one replaceable sensor
- Waterproof & floats on water

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