Measuring soil pH using a soil/water mix.

The Problem:

Your staff have been using a meter with a spear tip electrode to take soil pH readings directly, you loved how easy they were to use and the speed at which staff were able to take readings. However, you are finding that they don’t take the care required to use this method and it is resulting in breakages and unnecessary costs. So, how can you get around using the direct insertion method whilst still obtaining accurate pH measurements?
The Solution:
  For times when these issues arise we recommend doing the measurements using a soil/water mix. This prevents the need to insert the pH electrode directly into hard or rocky soils that have the potential to break the electrode. Whilst a soil/water mix is a slower method it does help to alleviate the risk of breakage.

The method for undertaking this style of measurement is explained below:
Prepare a sample by combining a 10g soil sample with 10ml of distilled water in a clean dry jar, beaker or sample container (a 1:1 solution). Mix these thoroughly and allow the mixture to settle for 10 minutes. Carefully insert the probe so that bulb is in the soil part and the junction is in the supernatant (the water above the settled soil). Then allow the reading to stabilise.

For these requirements either a pen tester with a built in bulb electrode or a handheld meter with a separate bulb electrode can be used and is dependent upon your preference. As a starting point we recommend the ECOPHTEST2, this is a basic pen tester with an accuracy of ±0.1 pH. If you are looking for a more accurate pen tester the ECPHTestr20 or EC-PHTestr30 are the best solutions as they offer ±0.01 pH accuracy. When it comes to handhelds with a separate electrode there are a number available in our range, however the options that we recommend for this application are either the EC-PH5PLS02K or EC-PHWP300-02K, the reason for this is that they are robust units that come in carrying kits with calibration and rinsing solutions. They both also offer protection against water ingress. In the case of the EC-PH5PLS02K it has a splash proof keypad, whilst the EC-PHWP300-02K is a completely waterproof unit.

If you would like to discuss these meters or doing a soil/water pH measurement further please feel free to contact one of our friendly Scientists via email or phone on 1300 737 871.

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Product Code: ECOPHTEST2

The handheld ECOPHTEST2 pH Tester is a highly accurate and easy way to measure the pH levels in several different environments.

- Measures pH levels from 0.0 to 14.0
- IP67 Waterproof Rating

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$155.10 AUD Inc. GST
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Product Code: EC-pHtestr20

Waterproof pHTestr 20 Tester with ATC and +- 0.01 pH accuracy.

- 3 Point calibration
- 0.01 pH Resolution
- IP67 rated & floats!

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Product Code: EC-pHTestr30

Handheld pH tester with temperature

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Product Code: EC-PH5PLS02K

The EcoScan pH 5 Meter makes it easy for users to measure pH levels and the temperature from one handheld device. Supplied in kit with hard carry case and buffer solution.

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