The most suitable pH meter for measuring low volume samples of bodily fluids such as saliva and blood.

The Problem:

You wish to measure the pH of your saliva and blood to ascertain the level your body is maintaining. You normally measure your urine, however you want to measure your blood and saliva to see if is consistent as you feel your urine value varies to much throughout the course of the day. You have been using a handheld meter with an electrode or a pen tester with a bulb electrode and find that you cannot get a result with the low volume of blood/saliva you are wanting to measure.
The Solution:
  For these measurements we recommend the Horiba Compact LAQUA pH meter series. This series of pH meters includes the pH11, pH22 and pH33 and all can measure a sample as small as a single drop (minimum volume of 0.1 ml required) due to the meters highly sensitive, flat sensor enclosed in a measuring scoop. You simply need to place a drop of your blood or saliva onto the sensor using the included pipette to produce accurate and reliable results. The meter can also be used to sample your urine’s pH as it can be immersed in a sample, so you will be able to do all your bodily fluid measurements with the one instrument. The three options offer the same measurement methods, however they differ in their accuracy and calibration specifications. The key difference between the three meters is that the pH11 offers +/-0.1pH and two point calibration, whilst the pH22 offers 3 point calibration and the pH33 offers five point calibration both with a +/-0.01pH accuracy.

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