Monitor weather conditions remotely.

The Problem:

You own a farm, but it is an hour’s drive from your primary residence. You wake up at 6am Saturday morning and you want to know if the conditions are right on your property to sow seed, apply herbicides, or cut hay, or if you should just roll over and go back to sleep. So how do you know if weather conditions are suitable for the work that you want to do without driving out there?
The Solution:
  If the farm has a broadband connection, the IC6250AU-IP (Davis Vantage Vue wireless weather station with weatherlinkIP bundle) is a great option. The outdoor sensors on this station can measure the rainfall, wind speed, wind direction, temperature and humidity. The indoor console and weatherlinkIP, when connected to your broadband modem, will upload the outdoor weather conditions from your property every minute to a website which you can view on a computer, or on an iPad, iPhone or android device with the weatherlink app (which can also come in useful in the tractor).

If the property doesn’t have a broadband connection, but has mobile phone reception, then the Vantage Connect bundle IC6357AU-VC would be a good option. The Vantage Connect bundle is a solar powered weather station which remotely sends your weather station data to the internet through the mobile phone network. This self-contained system has battery backup for those cloudy days, and it features the same interface as the weatherlinkIP which makes it easy to judge from home whether the conditions will be suitable for spraying herbicides and pesticides, or slashing at your farm.

If you need any assistance with selecting a weather station to best suit your requirements or if you wish to know further details about how these stations would work in your conditions please feel free to contact one of our friendly Scientists via email or phone on 1300 737 871.

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Vantage Vue Iss With 3G Vantage Connect Bundle

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This bundle option is exclusive to Instrument Choice and contains the Vantage Vue ISS, Wireless Vantage Connect, a Tripod and a 1 year Australian Data Plan.With 2 Year Extended Warranty!

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