Resolving complaints about the air-conditioning in your workplace.

The Problem:

Some of the staff in the office complain that the temperature is too hot, other staff complain that the temperature is too cold, while others maintain that the temperature is fine and the thermostat doesn’t need to be adjusted. So how do you resolve complaints about the air conditioning?
The Solution:
  The best way to monitor air temperature over time is to use a temperature data logger. A temperature data logger (or simply a temperature logger) is basically a thermometer with some memory. They are initially setup on a computer, and once they are setup they can be left in an area for a period of time. After this, they can be connected to a computer to download the stored data. This will give you time and date stamped temperature readings which you can create graphs from and get tabulated data which you can export to Excel. One popular option is the LogTag temperature loggers. These loggers can store 8,000 readings at a time and are very easy to use and setup. The LogTags are also quite cost effective and you can run as many loggers as you need using the one download kit, the LTKIT.

The LogTags are only compatible with PCs, so for mac users, the UX100-001 is a good option. The UX100-001s are able to store up to 84,650 measurements and also have an LCD display which can be useful if you want to see what the conditions are like during the day. To run these loggers you need to use the HOBOware-PRO software.

If you need any assistance with selecting a temperature logger to best suit your requirements or if you wish to know further details about how these loggers would work in your conditions please feel free to contact one of our friendly Scientists via email or phone on 1300 737 871.

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Credit card sized temperature logger with alarms

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Product Code: UX100-001

The HOBO UX100-001 Temp data logger records temperature in indoor environments with its integrated sensor.With 2 Year Extended Warranty!

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