Infrared thermometer for goods receiving.

The Problem:

You work for a company that handles food but you need to know whether the food is being delivered at the correct temperature, or maybe you want to quickly check your fridges and freezers to ensure your stock is being kept at the correct temperature so it doesn’t spoil too quickly. You’ve used other infrared thermometers before but they have been inaccurate and have not lasted. So what infrared thermometer should you use?
The Solution:
  The Testo 830 T1 is a great option for food manufacturers, suppliers and food service companies. It is supplied with a calibration certificate from the manufacturer so you know that it is accurate and it is also endorsed by HACCP Australia as a food safe aid to manufacturing. It can measure from -30C up to 400C so it is suitable for fridge, freezer and hot food applications. With the pistol shaped design and laser targeting it is easy to use: just point with the laser and shoot.

For the complete HACCP solution, the Testo 104-IR is a great option. It combines an infrared thermometer for those quick checks, and an accurate probe thermometer which makes it suitable for meeting the thermometer requirements of Food Standards Australia and New Zealand. Like the Testo 830 T1, it is supplied with a calibration certificate and is endorsed by HACCP, and it also has the advantage of being waterproof.

If you need any assistance with selecting a thermometer to best suit your requirements or if you wish to know further details about how these meters would work in your conditions please feel free to contact one of our friendly Scientists via email or phone on 1300 737 871..

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Product Code: 0560-8311

Fast and universal infrared thermometer with 1-point laser sighting.

- Distance to spot ration 10:1
- Audible & visual alarm
- Comes with calibration protocol

$115.00 AUD + GST
$126.50 AUD Inc. GST
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Product Code: IC-0560-1040

Combines an Infrared non-contact temperature measurement with a fold out probe.

- 10: distance to spot ratio
- Waterproof (IP65) and HACCP-compliant
- Precise 2 point laser

$209.00 AUD + GST
$229.90 AUD Inc. GST
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