Monitoring domestic water pressure over time to identify issues and ensure consistency.

The Problem:

You are a plumber and you have been investigating client’s homes as they have told you their water pressure seems low. When you have tested it using an instantaneous water gauge the pressure is at a level that you would expect. However they continue to say it is too low. You wish to test it over a period of time to see whether there is an issue when you are not present, and produce a report to show the customer along with the water company if necessary.
The Solution:
  For these measurements a pressure logger that can record over time is best suited and we recommend the PRTEMP1000. This logger will allow you to connect the logger to your client’s water supply and record it for a period of your choosing. It has a 16,383 reading memory that will last approximately 11 days at a 1 minute interval so you can leave in place for a significant period of time to best establish what is occurring with the water supply. The unit features a ¼” NPT fitting which allows the logger to be connected to almost any pressure adapter. There are many different pressure ranges available to suit most applications. The standard pressure ranges are 30 PSI(G), 100 PSI(G), 300 PSI(G), 500 PSI(G), 1000 PSIA and 5000 PSIA. For this application we recommend the 300 PSI(G) model as this offers a wide enough range to cover domestic water applications and leaves a buffer to its maximum pressure. Once you have set the PRTEMP1000 up and left it in place over your desired recording interval you can download the data to your PC or Laptop using the IFC200 interface and Madgetech’s software. Within the software you can convert your readings into kPa (more commonly used for water pressure readings) and produce a report to determine if the pressure is low at certain times throughout the day. From this you can go about rectifying the issue and presenting a report to the client and to the water supply company if required.

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Product Code: PRTemp1000-300PSIG

0 - 300 PSIG Pressure and Temperature Data Logger with 1/4" NPT Fitting and Stainless Steel Enclosure.

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Product Code: IFC200

IFC200 Software and USB interface

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