Concrete moisture meter for determining suitability of accepting a covering to meet Australian Standard 1884: 2012

The Problem:

You work for a company that installs floor coverings over concrete. You used to be able to just use a non-destructive moisture meter to determine whether the concrete is dry enough to accept a floor covering. However, since the Australian standards have changed you are unsure of what equipment you will need to meet the requirements of AS 1884-2012. So which moisture meter will meet your requirements?
The Solution:
  The only test result accepted under the newly adopted AS1884 standard is the Relative Humidity (RH) test method using either the in-situ probe invasive RH test method or the surface mounted insulated hood RH test method.

The Tramex Concrete Hygro-I Inspection Kit is a complete package for concrete moisture monitoring and it allows you to take measurements as per the in-situ probe test. It comes with the CMPEXPERT moisture meter, 3 Hygro-i humidity probes along with hole liners and caps, 3 humidity calibration checkers and an infrared surface thermometer. To take measurements as per the standard, three holes need to be drilled in the first 100m2 of concrete (1 hole per 100m2 after this). In each of these holes a hole liner is placed, then a hygro-i probe, and then a cap is placed over the top. The sensors are then left for 72 hours after which the CMEXPERT with Hygro-i connection is used to connect to each sensor and take a relative humidity measurement. The concrete subfloor is considered “sufficiently dry” when the measurements taken do not exceed 75%. You can view a video of the process here.

If you wish to perform the insulated hood method, you can add 3 of the Tramex insulated RH hoods to the above kit. They are compatible with the hygro-i probes and they can be attached to the concrete with double sided tape. The hygro-i probes can then be inserted into the top and left for at last 72 hours. Once the reading gets below 70% humidity the concrete is considered “sufficiently dry”. If you need any assistance with selecting a moisture meter to best suit your requirements or if you wish to know further details about how these meters would work in your conditions please feel free to contact one of our friendly Scientists via email or phone on 1300 737 871.

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The complete moisture & humidity testing kit for concrete, incorporating the Tramex instant moisture test and the new Hygro-i in-situ probe working together to provide a new standard in speed & accuracy which can be used again & again...With 2 Year Extended Warranty!

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