The most suitable anemometer for HVAC applications where you wish to measure the air flow of ducts without needing to make time consuming calculations.

The Problem:

You have been using a basic handheld wind speed meter and determining the air flow using a calculation based on the velocity and cross sectional area of your duct. You are sick of the time this takes and want an anemometer that eliminates the need to make these calculations and to take the guess work out of your measurements.
The Solution:
  The Kestrel-4200 and Kimo LV110S are the ideal anemometers to alleviate this and have been designed with the HVAC professional in mind. They will allow you to input your duct dimensions, for rectangle or square ducts you simply need your length and width, and for round ducts you simply need the diameter. Once this has been completed you can reenter measurement mode and begin taking the air flow measurements of your ducts simply and easily with no further calculations as they are all done for you. Both meters will allow you to measure in a range of air flow units so you can choose which best suits your requirements. Whilst each of the anemometers will allow you to perform air flow measurements, and air velocity measurements if you require, there are some key differences between the two options that may make you preference one option over the other. The Kestrel-4200 is an all in one handheld unit and the vane is built into the unit. Whereas, the LV110S has a separate probe which may make it more suitable if you wish to measure in one position and view the display in another position. The other key difference is that the Kestrel-4200 can also measure a number of other parameters including temperature, humidity, dew point, barometric pressure, altitude, and heat stress index to name a few. The LV110S is only capable of measuring temperature along with air flow so the Kestrel-4200 can be a bit more versatile if you wish to use it in other applications outside of measuring air flow from ducts. If you need any assistance with selecting a anemometer to best suit your requirements or if you have any questions regarding anemometers and what they do please feel free to contact one of our friendly Scientists via email or phone on 1300 737 871.

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Product Code: LV110S

Wired probe, hold-min-max functions, adjustable automatic shut-off, adjustable backlight

- 100mm Wired probe
- Hold, min & max functions
- Airflow calculation

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